What We Do

TWLOHA’s UChapter page:

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students, and it is estimated that more than 1,100 college students die by suicide each year. Our hope is that the presence of a UChapter on college and university campuses can help turn the tide in these statistics. UChapter members will work to tackle the stigma of mental health and connect students to the local resources they need.

What does a UChapter do?

  • Participate in TWLOHA’s national campaigns
  • Educate their community and fundraise for mental health
  • Collaborate with their on-campus counseling center and serve as a bridge to help
  • Join a network of student representatives on college campuses worldwide

Bi-weekly Meetings

Throughout the school year, the UChapter holds bi-weekly meetings. Each meeting, we focus on a different topic for discussion and go over mental health news.


The UChapter holds tabling events throughout the school year and, when money permits, will bring in speakers to hold lectures about mental health. We also attend different charity events/walks.

Social Events

We have informal social gatherings to help our members bond and get to know one another.