March 29, 2017 Meeting Recap: Addiction


As is with every meeting, we began with the presentation with general info about To Write Love On Her Arms and its UChapters. Then we delved into the topic of addiction.

We went over some statistics on addiction as well as what is mentioned about it in the TWLOHA manual. Addiction is a large part of the original story that started TWLOHA, so we included an excerpt of that story in the slideshow presentation.

Before going into the “Mental Health in the News and on My Timeline” section of the meeting, we watched an Emmy-winning contemporary dance from season five of So You Think You Can Dance, as it portrays addiction.

The mental health news included:

  • how to make the world kinder for those with mental illness
  • a column from The Daily Illini about why you shouldn’t be afraid to seek mental health help
  • a Buzzfeed listicle of things that won’t cure depression contrary to others’ insistence and suggestions
  • how beauty rituals can help people with depression
  • a study that found fewer youth suicide attempts and legalizing same-sex marriage are associated
  • a NAMI article on how to balance mental health
  • a Her Campus article about brands with powerful messages that are taking over social media

Lastly, we reminded everyone of our upcoming events, the Champaign-Urbana NEDA Walk, the Run For It 5K (which we are fundraising for), and the Up With Life Walk for Suicide Awareness and Prevention.

In addition, we shared info about the Lokai x NAMI collaboration bracelet to raise money for mental health awareness.

For more details and/or links to any of the videos, articles, etc. mentioned above, please check out the meeting slideshow.


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